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Maranta Leuconeura (Red Maranta) – Complete Guide to Keeping the Leaves Beautiful!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you? I hope all is well. Today, let’s talk about Maranta Leuconeura, or as it’s popularly known, Red Maranta.



The name is derived from the design of its leaves, adorned with multiple stripes resembling whiskers. Moreover, it’s a Maranta that grows either low or hanging.

An appealing Maranta, gaining popularity for its colors and unique shape.

Red Maranta is a cheerful plant with a distinctive shape.

For fellow cat lovers like myself, this Maranta is a must-have in your plant collection.

Now, let me show you the basic care tips for this plant, from repotting to propagation.

If you’re looking to add that extra flair to your home, Maranta Leuconeura is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

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Basic Care for Maranta Leuconeura

Like other Marantas, Maranta Leuconeura isn’t the easiest plant to care for; it requires some special attention, unlike other plants. But don’t worry, I’ll help you have a beautiful and healthy Red Maranta.



Before we dive in, I want to clarify that it’s not that Maranta Leuconeura is difficult to care for. Instead, incorrect information about caring for this plant has been circulated.

I know this because I followed many random tips when I was starting with Marantas, and as a result, I lost many plants. However, it was through these losses that I learned and eventually reached the level I’m at today, with beautiful and healthy Marantas.

It took 30 years of learning to understand what Maranta Leuconeura truly likes, but you don’t need that much time to have your own beautiful and healthy Red Maranta.

In this article, I’ll share all the insights I’ve gained about Maranta Leuconeura to assist you on your journey with these plants.

Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Maranta Leuconeura

Here’s a list of basic care tips to get you started with your Red Maranta today:



When bringing a plant home, always repot it. You never know what you might find inside the pot from the nursery. I’ve found everything from debris, pests, mold, to a lack of nutrients.

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By repotting your Maranta Leuconeura promptly, you’re being proactive, and it also encourages the plant’s growth. After all, it’s not just fertilizer that helps plants thrive; a good substrate is essential.

When repotting, do it carefully; don’t disturb the plant’s roots too much, just remove some excess soil. Regardless of the season, repot as soon as possible; don’t delay, as it could be too late.

Beautiful and healthy Maranta Leuconeura.


In general, Marantas like a loose substrate that retains moisture in their roots. However, remember, moist doesn’t mean waterlogged. With practice and daily care, you’ll learn what it likes and dislikes.


Marantas don’t like tap water with chlorine. When you water a Maranta with chlorinated water, it develops rust-like spots on the leaves. Over time, the leaves dry up and fall off.

Chlorine not only damages new leaves but also those in the process of emerging. To prevent this, you have some options:

  • Let tap water with chlorine sit for 24 hours.

  • Collect rainwater to water your Marantas.

  • Or boil tap water and let it cool until it’s cold.

Marantas prefer the substrate to be moist but not waterlogged. With a good substrate, your Maranta Leuconeura will always have the right amount of moisture. Use the “finger test” to determine if the plant needs water.

To know when to water, stick your finger into the substrate. If your finger comes out dirty, it doesn’t need watering. However, if it comes out clean, it’s time to water.


Marantas like a cool environment with consistent temperature, which can be challenging in summer. But don’t worry; I have a solution.

  • The first option is to place a humidifier near the Maranta Leuconeura to maintain humidity around it. Just remember not to use chlorinated water in the humidifier.

  • The second option, if the plant is in your backyard, is to water the area with a hose to maintain temperature and humidity.


Maranta should be placed in partial shade or shade, receiving bright but indirect light. Red Maranta is an excellent choice to place beneath larger plants.

Beautiful and healthy Maranta Leuconeura.

How to Propagate Maranta Leuconeura

You can propagate Maranta Leuconeura using branches. To do this, with a clean pair of scissors, cut the branch between one leaf and another.

To aid healing, apply a natural healing agent (learn here), wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then plant it in the specific substrate for Marantas.

After planting, water the cuttings well until water drains from the bottom of the pot. Now, keep it in partial shade until it roots, and remember never to let the substrate become too dry.

Not all cuttings will always sprout, but don’t be discouraged, it’s normal.

Is Maranta Leuconeura Toxic to Animals?

No, Maranta is not toxic to animals, they are the best option for those with pets at home.

Decoration Ideas

For those who want to use Maranta Leuconeura as part of their home decor, there are many ideas that can help. First of all, the plant is excellent for adding color to the environment and can be decorated in two ways:

  • Placed on a low table in the living room or on top of a table.

  • Or hanging on shelves, cabinets, or suspended supports. See some options for Wicker Hanging Supports here.

If you want to bring more color to your garden, Maranta Leuconeura is also an excellent choice.

Choose a partially shaded spot where you know it won’t receive direct sunlight at any time of the day. Plant Maranta Leuconeura beneath larger plants like the Swiss Cheese Plant and the Umbrella Plant.

Besides providing shade, these larger plants will complement the Marantas nicely since they are green.

Maranta Leuconeura in Decoration.

Where and How Can I Buy Maranta Leuconeura?

Now that you’ve seen that Maranta Leuconeura is the perfect choice to add color to your home and is a pet-friendly plant, know that buying this plant has never been easier.

There are online plant stores nowadays that specialize in offering this plant species and deliver them to your doorstep.

Below, I’ll leave a table with some interesting facts about Cat’s Whiskers Maranta:

Maranta leuconeuraDescription
Common NameMaranta Red
SizeUp to 60 centimeters
PropagationBy Branches

Liked this content? Have any questions about Maranta Leuconeura?

Leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to respond.

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